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"I love the variety and atmosphere of the Bootcamp class.  It's a full body workout with self-improvement as the goal.  Beth is a very positive coach giving tips for safe form, getting the most out of the exercises, offering modifications for workout levels and injuries, and positive feedback without making you get out of the groove while exercising.  She makes you feel confident you can conquer the workout in a very sincere, encouraging approach.  I definitely recommend the class and anything Beth teaches!"

Kristin Stockwell

"Along with back pain, I've had plantar fasciitis, balance problems and the inability to walk comfortably for any distance.  I frequently had chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy which were helpful but not long lasting.  

I engaged in the services of a personal trainer (Beth).  Since working with Beth, who works on full body strength with me, I haven't needed a chiropractic adjustment or physical therapy and I'm much more confident in walking distances.  I can do the gardening that I love to do and do not fear the coming snow shoveling.

Mary Christensen

"I love the Bootcamp!  Since the classes are limited in size, Beth really listens to each particpant's goals and can make modifications with those goals in mind.  She creates a camp that is both fun and effective as well as offering encouragement and guidance along the way! I personally recommend it!"

Mandi Buonincontro

"I really like the Bootcamp class and I've taken quite a few bootcamp type classes over the years.  Good stuff!"

Jess Stenklyft

Dynamic Health & Fitness has shown me how to find a fun and engaging way to stay active over along period of time, as well as many different styles of workouts that I can use outside the studio. 

Feeling insecure about working out, especially in a group setting, is something a lot of people experience, especially when first starting out, but at Dynamic there is no judgement.  The 40-second station workouts allow for an all-body work out and the chance for people to enjoy exercise while also pushing themselves.  The only person you have to work hard for is yourself, which is something that Beth really stresses.  She does a great job encouraging everyone during the sessions and guiding us through new workout moves so we can not only do them correctly, but become stronger as well.  It is definitely a place where you're going to be physically challenged, but over time things like planks and the battle rope get easier, while newly introduced stations make you work harder.  I couldn't do a plank for 10 seconds much less 40 before I started woking out at Dynamic! 

Her studio is a fantastic place to work out, whether you're just trying to find a place to start your fitness journey, need to stay active in the off season between sports or if you want something new to mix into your weekly workouts. 

All the people who attend classes work together to make a stress-free workout environment where everyone is free to work out to their best abililty and reach their own personal goals, as well as encouraging and challenging one another.

I've definitely seen a difference in not only my body, but also in my attitude towards my own personal fitness since I started coming to DHF!  I would 100% recommend this studio for people at any stage in their fitness journey!

Hannah Hoffman

When I started bootcamp at Dynamic Health & Fitness I was out of shape and feeling sorry about my body.  I was nervous to try a new class, especially being new to Cambridge, but adjusted quickly thanks to Beth making me feel right at home.  She does an amazing job at finding the balance between exercises that are appropriate for the level that you're at and also exercises that challenge your growth.  With several different options, there is always a class that fits into my busy schedule.  Beth is great at introducing different exercises and provides a great variety of movements for each class which works several muscles in your body. 

Since starting 2 months ago, I am much stronger and have lost inches off my arms, belly and legs.  My body is more toned and tight and I have gained more confidence and have a better self image.  I can lift heavier and I have so much more energy.  

Beth and the fit community have definitely helped me to stay motivated and not give up on myself.  Not only have I found a class that has helped me get fit, but I've also made some new friends who are on the same journey.

Dani Heiman

What gets me out of bed at 5 a.m?  Rowing, weighted ropes, the monster walk, and hula hoops! Dynamic Health & Fitness knows how to create a fun and muscle-challenging workout, modified to my fitness level with personal attention to form and function!

Offered at convenient early morning and after work hours, and centrally located in downtown Cambridge, I no longer have to drive miles away or join an impersonal gym.

If I don't work out in the morning, it's not going to happen, so THANK YOU Beth and my new friends at DHF- I now have more energy and strength to get up and go!

Sheila Kozler

Find out for yourself why Dynamic Health & Fitness, LLC is the place for you. Email us or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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